Welcome to Autism Triage Scotland.  


A new style of approach in guiding and caring for families who care for a loved with an Autism Spectrum Disorder regardless of their age/location/range of ability. 

There is an abundance of help, support, opportunities and resource available to your family. All of which fall within the four main areas identified as core family values: 

*Health & Wellbeing
*Education, Training & Employment
*Sport & Recreational Activities 
*Finance, Welfare Rights, Grant & Funding opportunities.

The aim of Autism Triage Scotland is to ensure all families across Scotland, are given a clear and concise pathway to finding the suitable support as and when required whilst ensuring they receive optimum guidance and care from statutory and non-statutory services.

Our website, which is still currently being developed, will host a wealth of information, support, events, advertisement and promotional campaigns and will include regular participation from various autism network partners, third sector business, non-profit organisation, local charities, NHS Scotland and local authorities throughout Scotland.

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